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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wildlife Protection Measures for the Crystal Springs Reservoir Projects

Ever wonder about the short construction fencing that has popped up around the Sawyer Camp Trail area? The black fabric fencing is only 42 inches high, but what you can’t see is it extends 6 inches below the ground! This is to prevent sensitive or endangered species from entering construction zones. This wildlife exclusion fence is monitored by onsite biologists and maintained by the project team. You can easily jump over the fence…but please don’t! You would be entering an active construction site.
Wildlife exclusion fence prevents species from entering work zone.

You may also have seen a new gravel access road on Skyline Blvd. just south of Black Mountain Road (above Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir). This is a new access road which allows our construction team and water department staff to reach our pipeline directly (rather than use Sawyer Camp Trail!). You may see a few more of these roads in the watershed in the coming months.

Hikers may also see some tree-cutting taking place near Sawyer Camp Trail this spring and summer. This is the start of the work that will seismically upgrade our 7 mile pipeline. The tree-cutting process is carefully monitored and supervised by biologists. Restoration plans require replacement trees to be planted -- in some cases three new trees will be planted in the Peninsula Watershed for every one tree cut!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Construction Update at Peninsula Watershed Reservoirs

Silt curtains to protect species and water quality
delivered to San Andreas Lake: May 10, 2011

Barge and Dive Boat Launching at San Andreas Lake:

Does the water level appear low to you at San Andreas Lake? It will continue to get slightly lower to accommodate upcoming underwater seismic improvements. You may also see our crew transporting large marine equipment near the trailhead to San Andreas Trail and the northern entrance to the Sawyer Camp Trail.

The construction team must use the Hillcrest Gate entrance for water craft and other large equipment, which may cause delays on Hillcrest Blvd. (near Skyline in Millbrae, just west of 280). Large deliveries are expected over the next couple of weeks, with work in the reservoir taking place all summer.

If you frequently access Sawyer Camp Trail from Millbrae’s northern trailhead, the trail will remain open! Follow us on Twitter for real-time updates about activities:

Pulgas Water Temple Temporary Closure:

Further south in the Peninsula Watershed (along Cañada Road), the Pulgas Water Temple is closed as of Monday, May 23rd and is expected to reopen in late summer 2011. Please subscribe (see right) in order to receive an email when the temple reopens.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Saving the Rare Red-Legged Frog

Thousands of young California red-legged frog tadpoles now have better odds for making it to metamorphosis and adult life in a marshy new home along the Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir. While still in the egg stage, they were relocated from the Lower Crystal Springs Dam construction site by wildlife biologists in preparation for work to raise the dam’s parapet wall.

A concrete pit atop the dam filled with rainwater created a hospitable habitat for the rare and federally protected amphibian. By March 2011, the pond had seven egg masses attached to floating plant stems, and five adult frogs. The team also saved approximately 200 Pacific tree frogs and 100 rough-skinned newts from shallow ponds on the Lower Crystal Springs Dam construction site.

Red-Legged Frog relocated from construction site in spring 2011.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peninsula Watershed Construction Update

Both Sawyer Camp Trail and San Andreas Trail remain open…and spring weather is finally here!

Neighbors and hikers in the area of San Andreas Lake may see work throughout the spring and summer along the shore. The ongoing installation of silt curtains into the reservoir protects water quality and keeps fish and other species out of the work zone. Divers will perform seismic upgrades at depths of over 100 feet. These upgrades enhance our ability to transmit raw water from San Andreas Lake to the nearby Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant.

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