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Friday, October 7, 2011

Crystal Springs Reservoir Projects Update

Heavy truck traffic is expected this coming Wednesday, October 12th along Skyline Blvd. and Crystal Springs Road. 90 cement trucks will deliver concrete for the Lower Crystal Springs Dam stilling basin beginning at 2 a.m. on Wednesday and continuing until 5 p.m. (The pour was originally scheduled for earlier this week and postponed due to the storm).

Heavy rain this week also postponed a necessary 2-day closure of Sawyer Camp Trail. A trail closure is anticipated the third week of October…stay tuned for the exact dates!

Underwater seismic construction in Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir near the southern trailhead to Sawyer Camp Trail is progressing rapidly. Hikers on Sawyer Camp Trail will see more boats and other equipment in the water this week.

Everything that enters the water is carefully cleaned under the supervision of marine engineers and wildlife biologists. Protecting water quality and native species is top priority to the project team! The yellow floating booms in the water are silt curtains – an underwater curtain that keeps species out of the work zone and sediment inside. Similar underwater work continues in San Andreas Lake, west of the town of San Bruno.

Near the northern trailhead of the San Andreas Trail, you may also notice PG&E gas-line testing work currently underway (scroll down to see story and photo from August 24, 2011).

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Silt Curtains in Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir near Sawyer Camp Trail.

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