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Monday, April 22, 2013

Historic Lower Crystal Springs Dam Project Receives "Project of the Year" Award

Recently the Lower Crystal Springs Dam Improvements Project (LCSD) was awarded the 2013 Project of the Year (for projects between $5 and $25 million) by the American Public Works Association (APWA) Northern California Chapter.

“I want to commend the entire team for their diligent execution of this complex project in a severely constricted construction window and with challenging environmental issues that was completed on time and on budget,” explained WSIP Director Julie Labonte.

As one of the 82 Water System Improvement Program (WSIP) projects, this project included critical improvements to restore the historic water storage capacity of the Upper and Lower Crystal Springs Reservoirs to 22 billion gallons.

These improvements included more than doubling the width of the spillway at the 1880s dam, thickening and raising the height of the wall atop the dam, constructing a new, larger concrete stilling basin at the bottom of the dam to accommodate the increased flow from the wider spillway, and completing erosion control work below the 140-foot-tall dam.

“By completing these critical upgrades, the SFPUC will be able to ensure minimum water service to one million people in San Mateo and San Francisco counties within 36 hours of a major earthquake," said Project Manager Tasso Mavroudis.

The Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir System serves as the primary water storage facility for emergency back-up and supplementary water supply for the entire San Francisco Peninsula.
The LCSD project team (l-r): Ron Perkins (Peninsula Regional Construction
Manager), Tasso Mavroudis (SFPUC Senior Project Manager), Kevin Barteaux
(Project Construction Manager), Rob Wamstad (MCK Associates LLC), Russell
Gutierrez (Cooper Pugeda Management Inc.) and Jin Zhao (Environmental and
Construction Solutions)


  1. So much for the 2012 completion date for the project and replacement bridge across the dam. Latest completion date is estimated 2017? So whenever we see those orange construction project signs go up we can add 5 years to the completion date and probably triple the final cost. Typical gov in action. Oh, and the builders will get awards as well.

  2. The posted 2017 date is for a separate project, San Mateo County’s Crystal Springs Dam Replacement. The SFPUC completed the last of its Crystal Springs Reservoir System improvements, including the dam upgrades, in 2014. Before we began those projects, San Mateo County removed its 1920s Skyline Bridge from the top of the dam for reasons of seismic safety. Now that our work is completed, the County is proceeding with its bridge replacement, currently anticipated for 2017. Updates on the status of this project can be found on