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Monday, September 30, 2013

A bridge to nowhere? Mystery explained.

Concrete bridge after completion in January 2013
Photos by Katherine DuTiel, SFPUC

Some have asked why a new bridge was built in the fenced-off area by the Crystal Springs trailhead near Edgewood Road. Rather than being a “bridge to nowhere”, the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System installed the bridge for conservation purposes as part of a habitat improvement project.

The concrete bridge is used by watershed keepers and other environmental and maintenance staff to cross the newly restored creek when needed, allowing the creek to flow freely.

Habitat restoration area across the bridge, April 2013

In addition to building the bridge and restoring the creek, this project included enlarging a pond and clearing over four acres of non-native trees and other invasive plants from the site. 

Crews have been restoring native plants to the area by hydroseeding and individual plantings. Monitoring and maintenance will continue for at least the next three years, with the help of the new bridge.

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